Schema Therapy Registration

This two day experiential training focuses on five areas where Schema Therapy fills in gaps from Shapiro’s writing.

  • A focus on key developmental areas needed for the development of positive adaptive schema that give rise to a strong, healthy sense of Self. Namely Connectedness (going well beyond primary attachment), Worthiness, Autonomy, Realistic Standards and Reasonable Limits. Deficits in these areas give rise to limiting and negative Core Beliefs.
  • Structured assessments for both negative and positive schema, and the parenting that gives rise to these.
  • A thoroughly developed and empirically supported model of Negative Beliefs, going well beyond Shapiro’s triad of Safety, Responsibility and Choices.
  • A thoroughly developed and empirically supported “parts” model, to address beliefs and parts of Self that block processing.
  • A strong emphasis on the importance of behaviour change to consolidate and strengthen newly emerging adaptive Positive Beliefs.

As with all our trainings, it has a strong experiential component including exploring your own schema and how these impact on your work as a therapist. You will receive an extensive library resources.

There are currently no events.