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Therapist Training, founded in 2008 by Graham and Mary Taylor, is committed to providing inclusive, affordable EMDR and Schema Therapy training, emphasising the teaching of practical skills that are grounded in a solid foundation of theory and research, to help you integrate these therapies into your clinical practice.

To get a better idea of who we are and our mission, please take a few minutes to read through our Training Philosophy, as this provides the foundation of everything we do and offer to you.

Our Training Philosophy

We Teach what we Practice, we Practice what we Teach.  Our trainers and supervisors are active clinician.  Whilst we have published some of our work, our focus is on teaching what we do day to day with our clients. 

“What I hear, I forget; what I see, I remember, what I do, I know.”  (Confucius, 551-479 BCE)  You need to know the theory and the principles on which the practical skills are is based, and that is thoroughly covered prior to each training day, backed up with an extensive library of resources.  There is a workbook to guide you through the things you need to read, videos to view, and reflective workbook questions to help you understand and consolidate the principles.  You come to each training day with a solid foundation on which to learn practical skills.  The training days are mainly about “learn by doing”.   No long lectures or death by Powerpoint.  The practical skills are demonstrated, then you practice them in groups of 2 – 4, following a clear set of structured guides, then Q&A.  The combination of principles and practice builds memory consolidation of knowledge, understanding and skills, and your confidence in being able to apply these skills in your work with clients the very next day.

Science based

Everything we do, everything we teach is grounded in science.  And the resource library that you have access to contains a wealth of information on the scientific foundation.  You might not explore this in depth, but many trainees do.  Our teaching format is based on sound pedagogical principles explicitly designed to build your knowledge and skills in stages, and to build your confidence in using these skills with clients.

Value for money

On an hourly rate our EMDR training is by far the cheapest in Australia.  All our EMDR trainings include access to online Case Consultation sessions, and this is included in the course fee.  We are the only EMDR training in Australia that includes this essential curriculum requirement as integral part of the training. With all other trainings you need to seek this out yourself, and this component alone could cost you $1500 – $2000.

Because we do not have large overheads for travel, venue hire, catering, accommodation, etc. we can keep our fee affordable, and don’t need to have large numbers in our trainings.  We keep a strict cap on the number of people in each training group.  Instalment plans are available for EMDR training.

Learn over time

One of the benefits of our hybrid online training model is that it builds your knowledge and skills over time, rather than attempting to teach you everything in one block of two or three days.  It is not economically or logistically feasible to offer multiple training days spaced over time in a face-to-face format.

Support between training days

If your training experiences have been anything like ours, you’ve often been exposed to a lot of material in one concentrated block, and then that’s it. You are left to figure out for yourself how to apply this in your clinical work, or find someone who can help you.

Our trainings are unique in Australia in that they provide access to small group support sessions between and after the training days. If you want some support, it is there. In fact there is a minimum number of support sessions that you must attend – a minimum of 10 hours during and after your EMDR training in order to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Engage the trainee

You have probably been to “workshops” where you are one of a large audience subject to crowded PowerPoint slides and a one-way lecture from the presenter. Our trainings are different. We run quite small numbers, you are engaged in interactive experiences, questions are encouraged. All our exercises – and there are many – have you engaging with your own experiences.

Many trainings are largely one way; the presenter is active, the trainee is mostly passive. If you would prefer that sort of learning experience, then our trainings are not for you. We can suggest others that you might prefer – contact us.
It is simply not possible to attend our trainings training and not be engaged actively.

Continuous improvement

We constantly evaluate our trainings and look for ways to improve our materials and teaching. We maintain regular contact with some of the world’s leading EMDR trainers, with whom we share new ideas. Our Reference Manual is regularly revised at least four times a year.

We maintain a standing online search for any new publications on EMDR and Schema Therapy. The Resource Library to which you have access is updated on at least a fortnightly basis., and you can refresh your library regularly. Any relevant new research or published developments, you’ll find them there.

“The Golden Rule”

If you have any concerns about your training, we will always address them by asking “if we were in this situation, how would we want it resolved, what is fair and appropriate?” We have standard Terms and Conditions of Service, as legally required of any Australian business, but we are flexible. If the solution involves a cost to us, we will bear this fairly and appropriately.

Diversity and differences are honoured

We frequently welcome trainees from other countries and cultures different from mainstream Australia. We value diversity and differences, and are used to accommodating these. Our common goal is this: how can this training work to help you integrate EMDR or Schema Therapy to fit your cultural background, clinical style and your client’s diverse needs.

Full Text Reference Manual, not a copy of Powerpoint slides

How often have you come away with a booklet of Powerpoint slides, and nothing more? Not with us. Our Reference Manual is a full text book, 230 A4 pages as of January 2024. And the Reference Library contains over 1400 documents. If you want to dive deeply into any area of EMDR, there’s plenty there.

Basic and Beyond

Our EMDR Training far exceeds all the curriculum requirements of EMDRAA for Basic EMDR Training.  We could cut out half of our training days and it would still meet EMDRAA Basic EMDR Training requirements.  We teach the foundation skills other trainings assume (e.g. taking a trauma history, detailed case conceptualisation and treatment planning skills, extensive resourcing and stabilisation strategies for more complex clients).  We go Beyond the Basics by teaching de-powered variations of standard EMDR for emotionally dysregulated clients and a wide range of preparation strategies .

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