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Welcome to Therapist Training’s homepage. 

I have been providing training in Schema Therapy since 1993 and EMDR since 1996.  IN 2018 Therapist Training created the first accredited online EMDR training in the world, well before COVID-19 came along. 

After a long collaboration with Chris Lee, we have mutually decided to offer our trainings separately.  This has given me the opportunity to evolve my trainings in a way that I hope will be attractive to you. 

  • Much more emphasis on experiential practice – around 70% of the training time.
  • The training manual is continually updated with the latest developments. It will never be more than two months old. 
  • You receive ALL your training materials upon registration.
  • we have much smaller numbers in online training as we do not have to cover costs of travel, venue hire, catering, accommodation, etc. 
  • Online trainings provide a greater level of intimacy and immersion in the training exercises. You are working with just one or two other trainees, with supervision from the trainer.
  • All the theory and underlying principles are covered in an extensive pretraining program of readings and videos, so there are no extended lectures or PowerPoint slides during the training. Before your active training starts you learn the underlying theory and principles, and see the principles demonstrated.  So you come to the active training with a solid foundation ready to build your clinical skills.
  • Access to a 350 file Resource Library, allowing you to explore topics in more depth. The Resource Library includes many assessment tools and client handouts.
  • You can access on-line Q&A sessions during the pretraining period.
  • You see live demonstrations of all the key skills during the training. You then practice these skills in a breakout room with one or two other people. 
  • Post training supervision is included in the training fee. Not an expensive extra.
  •    ALL EMDR trainings will be on-line only, and adopt the latest 1+1+2+2 format for the Introductory training.  This training was accredited by EMDR Assn of Australia in 2018 and was the first EMDR training in the world accredited for on-line delivery.  For more details, see the EMDR page


These are the workshops we will be offering  in 2020. All workshop conducted  in accord with our Terms and  Conditions of Services.

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