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Welcome to Graham Taylor’s Therapist Training website.

After a long collaboration with Chris Lee, we have mutually decided to offer our trainings separately.  This gives me the opportunity to evolve my workshops in a manner which I hope will be attractive to you.   Compared with previous workshops there is more emphasis on experiential practice (“Learn by doing.”)   The workshops are continually updated with the most recent developments in the field.  Your updated  Reference Manual will never by more than 2 months old.   On the other hand the theory and underlying principles are covered in an extensive pre-workshop program, so there are no extended lectures or Powerpoint slides at the training.   All workshops have the following:

  • ALL training materials sent to you upon registration.  This includes a full text Reference Manual, links to readings, videos, recorded lectures and a 350 file Resource Library.  
  • Pre-workshop preparation (including readings, recorded lectures and videos) is guided by a self-paced Preparation Program.  The aim is this is that you come to the workshop knowing the underlying theory and principles, and are ready to learn skills thru experiential exercises. You will need to put aside 5 – 12 hours for this program, depending on the workshop.
  • Web based Q&A sessions are available prior to all workshops. Join any session and ask about anything related to the training, and count this as additional CPD time.  See the Workshop Support page for dates and times.  
  • Live demonstrations of key skills, before you practice them in extended small group exercises.
  • No Powerpoint slides or extended lectures at the workshop training.   Over 75% of the workshop time is spent on live demonstrations and small group (N = 2 – 4) practicum exercises.  Some exercises are extended and require a degree of self-disclosure.  
  • Post-workshop Case Consultation sessions via web meetings. Bring a clinical issue, and help integrate your training into your therapy practice. Count this as peer-supervision time.

These are the workshops I will be current offering.  All workshops are conducted in accordance with Therapist Training Terms and Conditions of Service.  All workshops meet AHPRA Guidelines for Continuing Professional Development.

In addition to the advertised workshops, I conduct in-house trainings anywhere in Australia.  Contact me for details.

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR – Introductory and Advanced Workshops)

Schema Therapy