Welcome to Graham Taylor’s Therapist Training website.

After a long collaboration with Chris Lee, we have mutually decided to offer our trainings separately.
This gives me the opportunity to evolve my workshops in a manner which I hope will be attractive to you. From 2018 all workshops will have the following:

  • Workshop Manual and all training materials sent to you upon registration
  • Preworkshop preparation (including readings, MP3, videos) are guided by a self-paced Pre-Workshop Preparation Program. You come to the workshop knowing the underlying theory and principles, and are ready to learn skills thru experiential exercises. You will need to put aside 5 – 8 hours for this, depending on the workshop.
  • Web based Q&A sessions prior to all workshop. Join any session and ask about anything related to the training, and count this as additional CPD time.
  • Live demonstrations of key skills, before you practice them in extended small group exercises.
  • No Powerpoint slides or extended lectures. Your Workshop Manual is full text, 80 – 90+ pages.
  • Post-workshop Case Consultation sessions via web meetings. Bring a clinical issue, and help integrate your training into your therapy practice. Count this as peer-supervision time.

So, without further ado, let’s go the Workshops Page