Essential Pre-workshop Preparation, Parts One & Two

“We teach what we practise, we practise what we teach.”

Part One – Essential Pre-Workshop Preparation.

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Download the Pre-Workshop Workbook. You must bring this completed workbook to the training.

This first set of material covers the history of EMDR’s discovery and provides a summary of the 8 phases of treatment. It’s 30 page script of tapes we used to use which you can down load here. For those of you who prefer to listen to the material, here are links to the 3 audio files (MP3). Right click on these links …


Theoretical Issues (26 MB) | Phase_1 (41 MB) | Phases 2 and 3 (33 MB) and save them to your computer or smartphone. Shapiro has put forward the Adaptive Information Processing model to guide an understanding of EMDR. You need to be familar with this model. It is summarised in the EMDRIA Basic Curriculum, lines 79 – 168.

How does EMDR work?
In 2009, Dr Sarah Shubert and Dr Chris Lee published a summary of recent, mechanisms and controversies. Click here to read an extract from the paper that summaries the major theories on underlying mechanisms.

Some clients are curious about their EMDR experience and may benefit from a client handout which you can download here.

Many critics of EMDR have described it as just another form of exposure therapy. However it is clear from both conceptual analysis and published data that EMDR is quite diffe3rent to traditional exposure. There are conceptual and clinical divergences from exposure which are well described by Rogers and Silver ( 2003). In 2006 we published the first process study that demonstrated EMDR did not work in the same way as traditional exposure therapy. Click here for our paper. This paper has been very well received as evidenced by it having been cited in over 90 peer-reviewed publications.

Optional reading. Click here for a meta-analysis of all the randomised clinical trials up to 2013 that investigated EMDR as a treatment for PTSD.

It will be assumed you have covered the above material as pre-workshop preparation. Completion of the workbook and key theory papers will take you 6 – 7 hours. A reminder that it is required to bring your workbook to the training.

Level Two – Essential pre-workshop preparation

If you have registered for Level Two, this material will be sent to each participant shortly after enrolling.