Workshop Support

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All Therapist Training workshops include access to Pre-workshop Q&A sessions and Post-Workshop Case Consultation (Supervision) sessions, as part of your registration fee.

All sessions are held via GoToMeeting, a widely used internet meeting platform.  You can learn more about GoToMeeting by clicking here.

Use the following link to join from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Sessions will be conducted by Graham Taylor or Claire Kullack, both EMDRAA Accredited Trainers. 


All times are given in WA Standard Time, UTC + 8 hrs. WA does not have Daylight Saving.

Germany subtract 7 hours

NSW / VIC / TAS add  2  hours, 3 hrs during your Daylight Saving Time.

SA / NT add 1.5 hours, 2.5 hours during your Daylight Saving Time.

QLD add 2 hours (no Daylight Saving Time).

New Zealand add 4 hours, 5 hours during your Daylight Saving Time.

EMDR Q&A and Case Consultation sessions.  We start each session with Q&A for people who have an upcoming training, but as this is less in demand, most of the time will probably go to CC.  For the time to count towards your training and accreditation requirements you must keep a record of your attendance AND a summary of the topics covered.  Use your Case consultation Log, found in your Training Material folder.  You need to log 10 hours of Case Consultation time to complete your EMDR training.  You can then upgrade your EMDR Australia Associate Membership to Full Member status and list on the Find a Therapist service.  See for more details.

You must keep a Case Consultation log summarising the content of the session in order to have it signed off.  Submit your log when you have done 10 sessions.  If you do not have a log, make this known during the meeting and a link will be provided. 

EMDR CC Dates / Times.

July 2020

 are for those people who have recently trained, and are working with their first clients.   Other groups are orientated towards those with more experience.   Those who have “Just Started” are also welcome to attend the other sessions

Wed 1          4pm     Just Started
Thurs 2        4 pm   Just Started
Thurs 2       5 pm
Mon 6          5 pm    Just Started
Wed 8          4 pm
Wed 8          5 pm     Just Started
Thus 9         4 pm
Mon 13       5 pm
Tues 14       5 pm    Just Started
Thurs 16      5 pm   Just Started
Tues 21        5 pm
Wed 22        5 pm    Just Started
Thurs 23      5 pm   Just Started
Mon 27        1 pm    Just Started
Mon 27        2 pm
Thurs 30      3 pm, 4 pm   Just Started

August 2020

Mon 3       4 pm
Mon 3       5 pm  Just Started    
Thurs 6     4 pm
Thurs 13   4 pm  Just Started
Thurs 13    5 pm
Mon 17     4 pm 
Mon 17     5 pm Just Started
Mon 24      4 pm Just Started
Mon 24     5 pm

  More groups fro August will be added shortly.