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This page posted 24 June 2017. These dates / times replace any earlier advice.

Please join the session from your computer, tablet or smartphone. The link to join these sessions is in the Admin folder of your EMDR Training Materials.
For detailed instructions on using GoToMeeting, click here.


All times are given in WA Standard Time, UTC + 8 hrs. WA does not have Daylight Saving.
NSW / VIC / TAS add 2 hours, 3 hours during your Daylight Saving Time.
SA / NT add 1.5 hours, 2.5 hrs during your Daylight Saving Time.
QLD add 2 hours (no Daylight Saving Time).
New Zealand add 4 hours, 5 hours during your Daylight Saving Time.

Some times are listed for both Pre-workshop Q&A and Post-Workshop CC. During joint sessions, Q&A will be given priority, but as Q&A is less in demand, most of the time will probably go to CC.


Mon 26 June                                         4 pm

Wed 26 July                                          4 pm

Mon 31 July                                          4 pm

Mon 21 August                                     4 pm

Tuesday 22 August                              4 pm



Mon 26 June                                        4 pm, 5 pm

Thurs 29 June                                      5 pm

Tues 4 July                                           4 pm, 5 pm

Wed 5 July                                            5 pm

Thurs 20 July                                        4 pm, 5 pm

Tues 25 July                                         4 pm, 5 pm

Wed 26 July                                          4 pm, 5 pm

Mon 31 July                                          4 pm, 5 pm

Tues 1 August                                      4 pm, 5 pm

Thurs 10 August                                   3 pm

Mon 14 August                                     2 pm, 3 pm

Mon 21 August                                     4 pm, 5 pm

Tues 22 Aug                                         4 pm, 5 pm

Mon 4 September                                 4 pm, 5 pm

Tues 5 September                                4 pm, 5 pm

Wed 6 September                                4 pm, 5 pm

Mon 11 September                               4 pm, 5 pm

Wed 13 September                              4 pm, 5 pm

Tues 19 September                             4 pm, 5 pm

Wed 20 September                              4 pm, 5 pm

While I will conduct most of these sessions, some may be conducted another EMDRAA Accredited Consultant.

For the time to count towards your training and accreditation you must keep a record of your attendance AND the topics covered in your Case Consultation log.

Remember you need to log 10 Case Consultation hours to complete your EMDR Training. You can then upgrade your EMDR Associate Membership to Full, or join as a Full Member. Full Members can list on the Find a Therapist service. Visit www.emdraa.org for more details.