Therapist Training

Graham Taylor and Assoc. Prof Chris Lee have been collaborating as trainers since 1993.  In recent years we have each administered our own workshops.  This has caused some confusion for our clients, so we have made the decision to have separate websites.  We continue to collaborate and research on issues that interest the both of us.

For details of Graham Taylor’s workshops, stay on this site.

 UPDATE re COVID-19    25 March 2020  ALL 2020 trainings  will be conducted on-line.    Therapist Training’s EMDR training is the only EMDR training in the world that is accredited for online delivery.   For more details, see the EMDR page


These are the workshops we will be offering  in 2016. All workshop conducted  in accord with our Terms and  Conditions of Services.

Schema Therapy

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EMDR Trainings

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